The 9 Best Restaurants in Italy

The flavor of exclusive dishes, the rare taste of emotions can be found just in Italy. The Italian Restaurant is one of the most distinguishing moments of the Italian ‘Dolce Vita.’ Italian cuisine is a national pride expressed in elegant and romantic halls, maybe even with spectacular views, to be the right occasion to live an unforgettable holiday in Italy.

Best Restaurants in Italy

Piazza Duomo 

Address: Piazza Risorgimento, 4, 12051 Alba CN, Italy

The creative and avant-garde cuisine of the host chef, Enrico Crippa, makes the Piazza Duomo restaurant an ideal destination for palates that need to be fascinated. With its cozy atmosphere, you can meet a real celebration of the Langhe cuisine in this restaurant.

The pride of the chef is his biodynamic garden. Herbs, flowers, fruits, and vegetables, strictly freshly picked, perform in this gastronomic atelier always as protagonists. The price ranges from 200 to 290 euros per person.

St. Hubertus

Address: Strada Micurà de Rü, 20, 39036 San Cassiano BZ, Italy

Among the nine tables at the St. Hubertus, the creations of South Tyrolean chef Norbert Niederkofler parade as if on the catwalk. In his dishes, the taste of the mountains and Alpine culinary delights can be clearly perceived.

The other raw materials, all from local producers, from farmers to breeders, are accompanied by hints of juniper, pine, flowers, and spices. To taste them, you spend about 300 euros per person, which is worth a memorable experience.

Da Vittorio 

Address: Via Cantalupa, 17, 24060 Brusaporto BG, Italy

Gastronomic opulence in the context of family hospitality. From Vittorio, among the hills of Bergamo, you can breathe an elegant and spontaneous climate. The atmosphere is the backdrop to Chefs Chicco and Bobo’s creations, who wink at the table’s innovation without forgetting the tradition.

This restaurant is for those looking for dishes with full and rich flavors, executed with great skill and technique. From the first to the dessert is an explosion of taste and scenography, from 80 to 280 euros per person.

Le Calandre 

Address: Via Liguria, 1/A, 35030 Sarmeola PD, Italy

Le Calandre is remembered for its great balance and the ability to combine ancient flavors with modern taste in a harmony that makes it unique and unrepeatable. There are the three Alajmo brothers in the kitchen, of which the youngest, Massimiliano, is also the youngest tri-starred chef in Europe.

On the “naked” tables, the tablecloth space is also reserved for the dishes, ad hoc lighting. The dishes, sometimes made with a single ingredient, aim to amaze and amuse both the eyes and the palate from 135 to 225 euros per person.

Dal Pescatore 

Address: Via Runate, 15, 46013 Canneto sull’Oglio MN, Italy

In a small village lost in the Oglio Park fields, there is the restaurant Dal Pescatore of the Santini family. More than just a place where you can eat well, it is a destination that combines the excellent cuisine with the pleasantness of the context between lounges and gardens that seem almost enchanted.

From 120 to 250 euros per diner for a journey through dishes inspired by the countryside and home traditions, but executed with three generations of chefs’ experience.

Osteria Francescana 

Address: Via Stella, 22, 41121 Modena MO, Italy

The famous chef Massimo Bottura needs no introduction and is also praised internationally. His dishes are those of tradition, from fresh pasta to zampone, from capon tortellini to boiled meat, perhaps accompanied by Lambrusco’s glass.

The maniacal attention to the preparations transforms the Osteria Francescana into a temple of memory without nostalgia, rather with an eye to the future. By default, it is one of the best restaurants with Michelin stars in Italy. You spend from 220 up to 500 euros for its constantly evolving menu. A detail not to forget, you can book online only one day a month!

La Pergola 

address: Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101, 00136 Rome RM, Italy

La Pergola is the restaurant for those seeking Mediterranean flavors and a breathtaking view of the Eternal City. Suspended on its rooftop, Chef Heinz Beck can see the dome of St. Peter’s and show off his creativity with great respect for raw materials, creating recipes that combine Italian lightness and German meticulousness.

There is no lack of a wine cellar, huge and full of exclusive labels, to complete the offer for excellent palates. Try the famous “fagottelli.” You spend from 150 to 260 euros each, on average.

Enoteca Pinchiorri

Adress: via Ghibellina, 87, 50122 Florence, Italy

Among the best restaurants with Michelin stars in Italy, I could not miss the Enoteca Pinchiorri, whose prestige is historical. For decades, Pinchiorri has been representing Italy’s luxury and haute cuisine, with its rooms that have an almost museum-like charm.

It offers one of the most important wine lists globally to accompany pacts with Tuscan, Italian, and even international taste served in generous portions. The common thread: fine ingredients, original inventiveness, and contemporary techniques. The price varies on average from 205 to 355 euros per person, unless you want to uncork a bottle just stellarly.

Enrico Bartolini

Address: Mudec, Via Tortona, 56, 20144 Milan , Italy

On the third floor of MUDEC, the Museum of Cultures in Milan, this restaurant’s originality mixes with a contemporary and refined taste.

Enrico Bartolini is an imaginative chef who bases his cuisine on research and experimentation. The menu seems sober on the surface, but on the palate, it triggers a riot of sensations, even when the protagonist is only one ingredient from 115 to 300 euros, the average receipt.

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