10 Best Restaurants in Naples, Italy

Naples is not only the home of pizza, but also of a cuisine rich in flavors. Naples has in fact a long culinary tradition and there are many restaurants where you can enjoy a special dinner, even directly overlooking the sea.

In Naples there are also numerous starred restaurants where you can taste haute cuisine dishes prepared by famous chefs. In fact, in addition to tasting traditional and popular cuisine, in the city you can also enjoy a high-level gastronomic experience in the 1 or 2-star restaurants that offer truly refined cuisine. In the city there are several restaurants that have received these prestigious awards, with chefs always looking for original ideas to create refined dishes that know how to perfectly balance tradition and innovation. In elegant and welcoming locations, you can taste dishes with a superfine flavor, to be accompanied with fine wines on the advice of expert sommeliers.

In Naples, you eat well, but it is not so easy to juggle the vast offer of a city that is made up of many restaurants and good food.

Here is the guide to the best restaurants in Naples.

George Restaurant


Corso Vittorio Emanuele 135 – Naples – Website

The George restaurant is located on the sixth floor of the Grand Hotel Parker’s in Naples, with a spectacular view of the Gulf of Naples and the Castel dell’Ovo. Inaugurated in 2018, it is led by chef Domenico Candela who has been able to conquer the public for his creative and elegant cuisine. His cuisine goes beyond the classic schemes of the Neapolitan tradition. In addition to respecting the tradition that is found in some dishes such as the Genoese style pasta with Ischia rabbit or the Gragnano spaghettone combined with the different textures of Campania tomatoes, the chef also enhances the gastronomy of the Italian territory, choosing ingredients such as red prawns from Mazara and the Romagna’s blackberry. All accompanied by Normandy butter and extra virgin olive oil to be enjoyed together with freshly baked bread with mother yeast and wholemeal flour. The wine list offers 135 labels of fine wines.

Il Comandante

Il Comandante Restaurant, Naples

Via Cristoforo Colombo, 45 – Naples – Website

The restaurant, located on the tenth floor of this hotel, overlooking the Gulf of Naples, is a gourmet restaurant, one Michelin star since 2012, led by chef Salvatore Bianco, a native of Torre del Greco, near Naples. But the chef offers a cuisine with contaminations of flavors that come from all over the world. The chef produces dishes that surprise with their sophisticated simplicity and refined presentations. Among its specialties we mention: cuttlefish and potatoes; linguine pasta with “pressure” of fish, kefir and lime; grilled veal sweetbreads, apple, and herb cream; risotto with fish. It ends with a dessert based on white chocolate and kiwi. The name of this restaurant comes from the nickname of Achille Lauro, founder of the Lauro Fleet, whose historical headquarters was located where the Romeo hotel stands today. The restaurant’s environment, on the other hand, is inspired by Japanese architecture, making it the right location for an elegant dinner.

Antonio & Antonio

Antonio & Antonio Restaurant

Via Partenope, 26 – Naples – website

Among the best restaurants in Naples on the seafront we cannot fail to mention Antonio & Antonio, one of the most popular, as well as one of the historic places on Via Partenope. Located right in front of the suggestive Castel dell’Ovo, it allows you to enjoy a wide landscape, with a unique view over the entire Gulf of Naples. For over 15 years ‘Antonio & Antonio has been welcoming and satisfying its customers thanks to the impeccability of the service and the quality of the products. This restaurant, in addition to typical Neapolitan specialties and excellent fish, cooks over 40 types of exquisite pizzas. Try the pizza with raw ham, ricotta and mozzarella: really good. Among the dishes we point out the linguine pasta with seafood, squid, baby octopus and cherry tomatoes; or fresh fusilli pasta with seafood and Vesuvius cherry tomatoes; rigatoni with ricotta and meat sauce; sorrentina style gnocchi; the baby octopus poached in a saucepan; the peppered mussels and to finish the classic babà and the Sorrento limoncello.


Reginella Restaurant, Naples

Via Posillipo, 45 – Naples – website

This restaurant-pizzeria is located in an enchanting location, in fact it is located on a rock directly overlooking the sea in the charming Posillipo district. You can choose among different dining rooms, all very nice and well-kept, where that extra touch of magic is given by the panorama that sweeps across the Gulf of Naples. Whether you choose this restaurant for a lunch or a romantic dinner, the views will satisfy your gaze in any case; even in the evening the thousand lights of the gulf that are reflected in the sea offer unique emotions. As for food, you can choose among excellent fresh fish and delicious pizzas. Among the specialties of the restaurant we mention: Whim of the fisherman (octopus, salmon, shrimp, rocket and parmesan flakes); shrimp cocktail; octopus salad; mussel soup; shrimp and asparagus risotto; risotto with lemon, rocket and prawns, spaghetti with clams; grilled squid; fried shrimp and squid; grilled prawns; grilled mixed fish and grilled swordfish.

Renzo e Lucia

Renzo e Lucia Restaurant, Naples

Via Tito Angelini, 31 – Naples

This elegant restaurant does not directly overlook the sea, but from the top of Castel Sant’Elmo it allows you to enjoy a beautiful view over the entire city of Naples, the gulf and Mount Vesuvius. It is a restaurant with large, bright dining rooms and well-finished furnishings, to accommodate a demanding and classy clientele. Dishes are offered in a sober but always careful way, and the attention to always freshly cooked food is a staple of this restaurant, which serves excellent spaghetti carbonara, sea bass and squid. Or more delicious dishes, such as: tuna tacos, goat cheese, raspberry and raspberry vinegar; Bon Bon of mortadella, pistachio and white chocolate; salmon, carasau bread, soy eggnog and wasabi mayo; egg, hazelnuts, smoked provola fondue, black truffle and salted chocolate; fried octopus; creamed beetroot risotto, cheese and pepper, raw prawns and pistachio.

Zi Teresa

Zi Teresa Restaurant Naples

Via Borgo Marinari, 1 – Naples – Website

It is one of the historic restaurants in Naples, also very popular with celebrities from the world of entertainment and politics. The proposed cuisine is the typical Neapolitan one, made of simple ingredients expertly combined by the chef to create exquisite dishes, able to satisfy even the most demanding palates. Zi Teresa is also one of the best restaurants in Naples with a sea view, with a suggestive view of the Castel dell’Ovo, in the ancient Borgo Marinari. The menu offers a wide selection of the most popular dishes of the Neapolitan culinary tradition, from the delicious raw seafood to the tasty Neapolitan “fresella”, from the “scialatielli” to seafood to the traditional fried fish, from the popular peppered mussels to the inviting “caprese”, to the point of appreciating the famous linguine pasta with lobster. The chefs masterfully combine the taste of tradition with the creativity of innovative dishes. The menu also offers excellent pizzas, from classic to gourmet ones. All dishes are made by selecting only the highest quality ingredients and respecting the seasonality of raw materials.

Palazzo Petrucci

Palazzo Petrucci Restaurant, Naples

Via Posillipo, 16 C – Naples – Website

The name of the restaurant, which today is located in a historic 15th century building on the beach of Villa Donn’Anna, in the Posillipo district, is actually due to the previous location that housed it, in the spaces that were once the stables of the historic Palazzo Petrucci , in Piazza San Domenico Maggiore in Naples. Leading this restaurant is the Neapolitan chef Lino Scarallo. His proposal is a traditional cuisine from Campania, with characteristic flavors (mozzarella, tomato, lemon, provola, clams, octopus, salad) with lots of fish. Among the dishes: spaghetti with parsley juice, sea snails and marinated radish; escarole and bean soup; mullet with spring onion, lentils, candied lemon and salted lemon; spaghetti with clams; fried shrimp and squid. And to close, the Neapolitan “cassata” and other small pastries.

La Cantinella

La Cantinella, Napoli

Via Cuma, 42 – Napleswebsite

This charming and well-kept restaurant offers a beautiful view over the entire Gulf of Naples.  Dishes, inspired by the Neapolitan tradition, are served in a refined way, but always putting the quality of the ingredients and the authentic flavors first. The cuisine, in fact, follows the seasons and the catch is always and only that of the Gulf of Naples. Spaghetti with seafood and fish with crazy water are the most famous dishes of the gastronomic offer, which is also accompanied by pizza. Other typical dishes are: homemade bread bruschetta with Agerola provola, anchovies and their sauce; squid stuffed with seafood stew; amberjack pie with zucchini; homemade fusilli pasta with anchovies, asparagus and cherry tomatoes; pappardelle pasta with scampi tails; Santa Lucia linguine pasta (with numerous varieties of molluscs and crustaceans). The well-stocked cellar offers local wines, but also a selection of the best Italian wines, to be best combined with the dishes ordered.

Caruso Roof Garden Restaurant

Caruso Roof Garden Restaurant

Via Partenope 45 – Naples – Website

The Grand Hotel Vesuvio named the roof garden restaurant after Enrico Caruso, as the tenor was an affectionate guest of the hotel that he liked to define as “his Neapolitan home” and where he spent the last years of his life in Naples. It is one of the best restaurants in Naples overlooking the sea, allowing you to enjoy beautiful views across the gulf, but without giving up excellent food. The cuisine, faithful to tradition, serves first courses of pasta and fish specialties, but also recipes of international inspiration; do not miss the paccheri pasta with fish and green chillies; fried zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta and Neapolitan salami; orange marinated salmon; cavatelli pasta with rocket and clams; baked fish and the inevitable buffalo mozzarella.


veritas restaurant, naples

Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 141 – Naples – Website

Veritas, located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, is a new starred restaurant in Naples, having received 1 Michelin star in 2016. The atmosphere of the restaurant is modern and refined, with design elements and touches of color without excess. The link with the territory is very strong, in fact, the products used, all genuine and fresh, are local, but the dishes always have the right balance between innovation and tradition. There is a lot of experimentation in both sea and land dishes prepared by chef Gianluca D’Agostino. The Neapolitan recipes are masterfully revisited, as in the case of the steamed cod with escarole, black olives, and strips of black truffle or the millefeuille of anchovies with buffalo mozzarella and Vesuvius broccoli. The menu varies according to the seasonality of the products, while the welcoming environment and the competence of the staff make Veritas a must in the city.

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