11 Best Restaurants in Turin, Italy

Piedmontese cuisine is made up of many ingredients and often long and elaborate preparations. The recurring foods are certainly stuffed pasta, vegetables, and meat, the protagonists of countless traditional recipes. In particular, the Piedmontese cuisine that is eaten in Turin suffers from a double influence: in fact, here the deep peasant tradition of the region and the refined tastes of what was once the Savoy Court are combined, obviously without ever forgetting the influences of the nearby French cuisine.

Among the typical dishes of Turin, a specialty certainly stands out such as “Bagna Càuda”, a sauce made with garlic, extra virgin olive oil and desalted anchovies, in which to dip raw and cooked vegetables. In addition to taste, its traditionality lies in the ritual, because it is a dish that involves collective sharing.

Then two truly exceptional first courses are not to be missed: the “tajarin” (thin egg noodles) and the “agnolotti”, a characteristic egg pasta stuffed with meat. Compared to stuffed pasta from other areas of Italy, agnolotti are characterized by the use of roast meat for the filling. A delicious, smaller variant, typical of the Langhe and Monferrato area, are the “agnolotti del plin”. According to tradition, Piedmontese agnolotti can be prepared with roasted meat sauce, with butter, sage and Grana Padano or Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, with meat sauce or in meat broth.

Even meat, whether farmed or game, is obviously a substantial part of the local gastronomic tradition. For example, the “vitello tonnato” is one of the symbol dishes which has crossed regional borders to become a classic throughout Italy.

Piazza dei Mestieri

via Jacopo Durandi 13, TorinoWebsite

Piazza Dei Mestieri Restaurant, Turin

The 7000 square meters in Art Nouveau style of this restaurant, in the heart of San Donato district, were in the past a factory and then transformed into a project that creates the future of many young people. The doors that welcomed workers in the 1800s are in fact now open to students who are initiated into a profession directly by the masters of the best Piedmontese culinary and artisan tradition.

The Piazza dei Mestieri (square of trades) is made up of classrooms and laboratories for experimenting: students enter and cooks, barmen, chocolatiers, pastry chefs and bakers come out. To meet haute cuisine, the step is short: a few meters further on, at the Ristorante la Piazza, craftsmanship is transformed into a culinary art. This is thanks to the creativity of chef Maurizio Camilli, who runs the restaurant together with a team of young people, many of whom come from the school itself. On the menu we find some classics such as the cold Tagliolino with raw shrimp and lemon and the Fassone meat with egg yolk in bread dough, and the stewed cabbage with cod, scallops and artichoke pesto.


Capriccioli Restaurant, Turin, Italy

via San Domenico 40, TorinoWebsite

Since 1975, the Capriccioli restaurant offers a corner of Sardinia and excellent fish cuisine in the center of Turin. The place is pleasant, with a single rectangular room in light tones that turn between white and sand, in homage to Sardinian beaches. Chef Gino Simbula proposes typical dishes of the Sardinian tradition such as, in addition to the more classic Carasau bread, also Carasau bread with cuttlefish ink and creamed cod; salad with artichokes, oil and lemon; red mullet fillets with courgette flowers and chickpea cream; crispy octopus on sweet red potato cream with ginger and sprouts; sea bass ravioli with prawns ragout with Vernaccia wine. Don’t miss the Tuna Chateaubriand with red onions caramelized in Cannonau wine. And for dessert, almond Streusel with Wasabi white chocolate; Passion fruit sorbet and raspberry . Or the “Pardulas”, typical Sardinian sweets stuffed with fresh cheese.

Tre Galline

via Bellezia 37, TorinoWebsite

Tre Galline, Torino

Coming from Porta Palazzo square, in via Tre Galline you will find the restaurant of the same name. It is one of the first restaurants in the city, already mentioned in the 18th century. The cuisine of the restaurant can be defined as neoclassical Turin cuisine. The chefs Andrea Chiuni and Luigi Rosato creatively interpret the recipes of the territory with seasonal ingredients, historical recipes, condiments and cooking reinterpreted in a modern key, keeping as the final goal a cuisine strongly linked to the territory from which it not only receives the raw materials, but also the gastronomic history. The dishes on offer also try to satisfy customers who are looking for the ‘strong tastes’ of Piedmontese specialties. In the tasting menu we find dishes such as homemade ricotta cheese with seasonal herbs, Fassone raw meat, luvertin, marinated egg yolk and almonds, veal with tuna sauce, Agnolotti with roast sauce, veal cheek braised in wine nebbiolo and, as a dessert, the traditional Bunet.


via San Domenico 12/b, TorinoWebsite

Tuorlo Restaurant, Turin

The name of the restaurant is “yolk”, but not for a food preference. Yolk is rather a concept: yolk as a binder between rich and poor, modern and ancient dish, but at the same time the versatility and the ability to link ingredients and cooking styles, between past and present. Yolk as a key and basic element of the simple as well as the complex. This is the philosophy of a restaurant that, in the center of Turin, reinterprets the Piedmontese tradition without upsetting it. A welcoming place has been created in the restaurant through the use of enveloping colors and traditional materials reminiscent of the living room of the 1950s houses. Here the young chef Alessandro offers a cuisine rich in food for thought in terms of modernity and “revisited tradition”, with seafood dishes and vegetarian recipes. Among the specialties of the restaurant we remember: the Fassona meat tartare; anchovy crumble and herb pesto; veal diaphragm, Belgian lettuce and coffee; goat’s milk, peaches and amaretto.

Piano 35

corso Inghilterra 3, TorinoWebsite

Piano 35 Restaurant, Turin, Italy

The restaurant, unique for its location and view of the city of Turin, located 150 meters above sea level, is led by chef Christian Balzo and has received a Michelin star. The skyscraper that houses this restaurant is unique for its architectural innovation, cutting-edge materials and technologies. The Piano35 restaurant is in fact located within the bioclimatic greenhouse of the building, a particular environment as a high-altitude garden, which extends from the 35th to the 37th floor. The restaurant’s offer is based on three different proposals: “In Piedmont”, a tribute by chef Marco Sacco to the great Piedmontese culinary tradition; “Giro d’Italia”, in which the dishes and raw materials of Italy are the protagonists; “Piccolo Lago a Torino” which offers some of the most famous dishes of the chef’s career. Each menu can be savored in the light or full version depending on whether you choose four or seven courses.


via Bologna 20a, TorinoWebsite

Condividere Restaurant, Turin

“Condividere” (sharing) is a project conceived by the famous chef Ferran Adrià. The restaurant is located in the new “Nuvola” building, the Turin headquarters of Lavazza. Here, in fact, the quality of the food is shared, in a dreamlike place designed by a famous Oscar-winning set designer, Dante Ferretti, which not surprisingly resembles a film set, full of pipes, mirrors and gears, mosaics with broken cups and camouflaged coffee pots . You can make small tastings, or choose “à la carte”, better still mix the 2 formulas. The dishes are modern, the interesting flavors range from land to sea, from Piedmont to the rest of the world, while desserts and coffees are served in a dedicated room. The food, placed at the center of the table, as is done with family or friends, is taken with the hands or with tongs by the diners for a more spontaneous gastronomic experience than usual. Among the specialties: Parmesan ice cream, Risotto with fig leaves, manteca and zatar (mix of spices) and Rosa, red fruit parfait and rose water.

Del Cambio

piazza Carignano 2, TorinoWebsite

Del Cambio Restaurant, Turin

Restaurant founded in 1757, Del Cambio is an elegant place where the dichotomy between contemporary art and period furnishings finds continuity. Recognized as the emblem of Turin culture, in the years between 1821 and 1861, men and women who have made the history of Italy and beyond have passed through its salons. Famous people from all over the world have taken turns at its tables for at least three centuries. Chef Matteo Baronetto, a cook who has made a great contribution to the development of avant-garde Italian cuisine, is skilled in alternating traditional dishes with more modern and creative dishes. The offer is completed by a light lunch, the excellent “Farmacia” coffee and “The cellar table”, a space that holds 19,000 bottles located in the foundations of the restaurant, home to convivial dinners and tastings. Among the specialties: Piedmontese salad, stewed Moscardini, cuttlefish and lard on toasted bread, Piedmontese-style agnolotti, Giandujotto.


via Carlo Alberto 35, TorinoWebsite

Carignano Restaurant, Turin

The Carignano Restaurant is located in Turin in the prestigious Grand Hotel Sitea, in the city center, a stone’s throw from the Egyptian Museum and Piazza Castello. The restaurant can be accessed from the hotel or directly from the street entrance. Even with a food and wine proposal inspired by the renowned Piedmontese cuisine, the restaurant offers fundamentally creative dishes. In the kitchen there is Fabrizio Tesse, a Michelin-starred chef, who as a true artisan of the kitchen transmits authentic flavors, starting with the selection of raw materials, proposed however with different combinations, combining innovation and tradition. Among the specialties: Sweetbread with tuna sauce, Gran Riserva Risotto, sole carpaccio, crusco pepper and crispy chicken wings, Tirami-choux. Without forgetting the salmon Shabu-shabu, oyster broth fujot and sweet and sour pickled vegetables. It is a very particular dish in which Piedmont meets the East: the “fujot” (traditional Piedmontese stove used to keep the bagna cauda warm) hosts an oyster consommé in which to dip the salmon carpaccio.


via Gaudenzio Ferrari 2h, TorinoWebsite

Gaudenzio Restaurant, Turin

A few steps from the Mole Antonelliana, symbol of Turin, a small, original and informal place, with a single bright room and two large windows, high ceilings in white bricks, wrought iron tables, pendant lamps and large paintings that give heat to the room. The cuisine is characterized by a limited selection of dishes, the result of what the owner finds daily in the city markets. Among the best restaurants in Turin, it has gourmet cuisine but an informal and modern style. The menu, signed by Alessio Zuccaro, is sober but rich: four starters, three first courses and four second courses. Among the first, we point out the watercolor rice with thistle butter and pecorino cheese. Extraordinary raw tuna with a persimmon-apple, a sweeter fruit than the classic persimmon and less astringent. To complete it all, a seaweed base. Equally interesting is the horse sirloin, with the bitterness of the artichoke mitigated by the creaminess of the yogurt.

Cannavacciuolo Bistrot

via Umberto Cosmo 6, TorinoWebsite

Cannavacciuolo Bistrot

In this bistro – a stone’s throw from the Po river and the Gran Madre church – you will find an effervescent atmosphere, as well as a cuisine that pays homage to northern and southern Italy, to the land and the sea; the creativity of chef Nicola Somma reigns supreme over everything: a young chef who continues in the riverbed marked by Antonio Cannavacciuolo, however, introducing some classic Turin dishes, revisited in a creative way. A menu flanked by a proposal of wines where Southern Italy predominates, with noble raw materials, always rich in taste, such as lobster, foie gras, sweetbreads, pigeon. Dishes such as the Fassona meat with buffalo cremino, black truffle, or the scallop with mushrooms and hazelnut, or the pigeon with kumquat and burrata. Among the other specialties of the restaurant: Veal tuna with bottarga mayonnaise; rice, garlic, oil, lemon, bottarga and parsley; Lemon, caper crumble and candied Taggiasca olives; potato gnocchi, Parmesan cheese, nduja and octopus. And for dessert: Raspberry, black garlic and coffee.


corso Carlo e Nello Rosselli 54, TorinoWebsite

Conubio Restaurant, Turin

The Connubio restaurant is located in Turin, in the Crocetta district. Few tables (during the summer the internal dehors is also pleasant, set up with splendid multicolored tables) and a young chef, Paolo Cecchi, who expresses his idea of cooking with daring combinations to create a “combination”. An example? Sweet, sour and bitter in the swordfish carpaccio, avocado and burnt radicchio. “Connubio” is in fact harmony, union, intertwining of tastes, colors and scents. Balance, innovative combinations, measure and daring solutions to transform dinner into a gastronomic experience with a unique character. A family cuisine reinterpreted according to the canons of a young gourmet kitchen, thus creating a perfect combination of sensations and flavors, of tradition and modernity. The main influences proposed derive from the meeting of two Italian culinary traditions, the Piedmontese and the Tuscan one. Among the appetizers: perch, beetroot, fennel, raisins and pine nuts. Rabbit with peppers and capers. Tuscan crostino with mango chutney.

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