The Italian Coffee culture

Italian Coffee Culture

Everywhere in the world, whoever says “espresso” says “Italy”. In fact, Italy is the Country of coffee par excellence. There are those who prefer it long, others spotted with milk, restricted, double or decaffeinated. At lunch, dinner or even late in the evening, Italians prefer espresso, which has become not only one of the symbols … Read more

16 Most Famous Italian Liqueurs

Italian liqueurs

Italy is a country of good food but also of good drinking, which does not only mean wine but also involves tasting stronger drinks like liqueurs, which have now become part of Italian history and tradition. The most famous and appreciated Italian liqueurs are often those that have also been successful abroad. Here is a … Read more

15 Best Wine Regions in Italy

Best Wine Regions in Italy

Italy is one of the major producers of particularly well-known and appreciated fine wines in the world. Many of the best quality wines are DOC and DOCG denomination wines. Today, great wines are produced in almost every Italian region, with peaks of excellence, such as in Piedmont, Veneto, Tuscany, Campania, Apulia, Sicily, and Sardinia with … Read more

5 Must-Try Foods in Venice

Foods in Venice

Venice is one of the most romantic Italian cities, famous all over the world thanks to its bridges, the canals, and the great artistic sights. After a gondola tour, you may be a little bit hungry, and these are the traditional Venetian foods you don’t want to miss! Best foods to try in Venice Cicchetti … Read more

6 Must-Try Foods in Florence

Florence Foods

Florence is one of the most visited Italian cities, thanks to its artistic heritage and its geographical position: Florence is, in fact, surrounded by the stunning Tuscan hills. When in Florence, you don’t want to miss the chance to try one of Italians most ancient street foods: the “Panino con il Lampredotto” (Lampredotto sandwich), which … Read more

5 Must-Try Foods in Rome

Foods in Rome

Rome is the capital city of Italy, and even though it’s mostly known for the Colosseum, the Eternal City has some great culinary specialties to offer too! The culinary tradition of this city is characterized by strong tastes, creamy textures, and poor ingredients, for it was shaped by the rural surroundings and their main products: … Read more

10 Must-Try Foods In Milan

Foods In Milan

Today we want to talk to you about traditional Milanese cuisine, which has very ancient origins and has many typical dishes. In this article, we have collected our favorites… What are yours? Busecca Recommended at: dinnerAverage cost: €10,00Main ingredients: tripe, white beans, bacon, tomato Nervetti Salad (gnervitt) It is perhaps one of the most frightening … Read more