10 Best Restaurants in Capri, Italy

Capri, the famous island in the Gulf of Naples, as well as the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea, is known all over the world for luxury shopping, breathtaking views, the characteristic small square, and the iconic Faraglioni, a symbol of the island. The main towns of the island are Capri and Anacapri. Anacapri is the largest town on the island, nestled on the northern side of Mount Solaro, the summit of which can be reached via a chairlift. Its historic center is made up of alleys and shops, terraces and flower gardens. Capri is a beautiful island, where there is no shortage of great restaurants. Here, in fact, it is possible to find excellent and refined Italian cuisine, also inspired by fine dining. Lots of fish but also the most genuine local culinary tradition. Below we list some of the best restaurants on the island.


via Giuseppe Orlandi, 103 – Anacapri

Ristorante Capriccio Capri

The “Capriccio” restaurant is located in the Villa Blu Hotel, a five-star hotel in Anacapri, complete with a terrace with a private spa overlooking the sea and a kitchen led by chef Simone Mancini who enhances the importance of excellent raw materials: few ingredients and a refined technique, able to put every single taste at the center of the dishes with a great aesthetic sense. Among his dishes we list: the creamed cod in black Venus rice tempura with raspberry powder and mussel mayonnaise, with strong flavors; the “Blu Capri”, a warm seafood soup with pickled vegetables and miso water, a tribute to the island and its beauties; Paccheri stuffed with octopus ragout on pecorino cheese foam, with bacon powder and morels; Amberjack of the Mediterranean with liquid escarole, rhubarb sorrel and sea asparagus. A cuisine that can also be tried in the Bistrot version at the Blu Lounge, where the offer focuses on the great classics of the sea tradition without ever losing sight of quality. The desserts are also excellent.


via Capodimonte, 14 – Anacapri

L'Olivo Restaurant, Anacapri

The “Ulivo” restaurant is located within the Capri Palace Jumeira hotel and boasts 2 Michelin stars, the only one on the island of Capri to have obtained this prestigious award over the years. The kitchen is directed by chef Andrea Migliaccio. The restaurant is, between innovation and tradition, an expression of Mediterranean cuisine: enhancement of the classics of the local cuisine always respecting the seasonal cycles and great attention to the selection of raw materials. The particular attention to Mediterranean flavors, reinterpreted with elegance and refinement by the chef, together with the attention to every detail, make it a unique place. The restaurant’s signature dish is the lemon tagliolini with burrata, red prawns and sea asparagus. But the menu also includes tuna belly with almonds, spinach, red currants and puffed potatoes; potato gnocchi with lobster, Nocerini onions and caper flower; “Il Mare”, raw prawns with foie gras, green apple and gin, or fusilli with rabbit, artichokes and pecorino cheese.

Il Riccio

Via Gradola, 4 – Anacapri

Il Riccio Anacapri

The “Riccio” is another restaurant that belongs to the Capri Palace Hotel, with a terrace suspended between sky and sea, facing the Sorrento peninsula and a few meters from the famous Blue Grotto. An informal and at the same time well-kept environment, with an open kitchen and a fish counter full of octopus, baby octopus, bream, amberjack, lobster, seafood and sea urchins, all freshly caught. Coordinating the gastronomic proposal is Andrea Migliaccio, chef also of the L’Olivo restaurant. Unmissable raw fish and oysters, or the classic eggplant Parmigiana with smoked provola cheese and tomato sauce. Among the first courses there are the great classics and more original proposals: a must are the “Spaghetti alla chitarra” with sea urchins and Spaghetti with clams; to try are also the pasta with escarole cream, bottarga, raw and cooked tuna. Followed by a delicate mixed grill of local fish with vegetable caponata and basil cream. Finally, there is the “Room of temptations”, where you can choose your favorite dessert from a selection of fresh desserts.

La Zagara 

via G. Orlandi, 180 – Anacapri

La Zagara Restaurant, Capri

In the historic center of Anacapri, among the narrow alleys, the restaurant “La Zagara” is hidden in a splendid lemon grove. The atmosphere is relaxing and among the tables, you can enjoy a surreal peace, the menu finds a character in strongly traditional cuisine with which you can enjoy the delicious and very well revisited dishes of chef Davide Ciavattella. After the spicy Mussel Soup with octopus and tarallo, we turn to the tasty Linguine alla Nerano with red prawn tartare with lemon. Or Cod and prawns in tempura with cream of roasted peppers. We recommend frying fish, fruit and vegetables, with lemon mayonnaise and balsamic vinegar, and red port wine dressing. As for raw fish: anchovies, melon, and mint; tuna with avocado; amberjack in the Caprese way; shrimp with passion fruit; Norway lobster butter and chives; oyster balsamic vinegar and raspberries; scallop, pineapple, and rosemary; sea urchin. Among the desserts: babà with lemon cream, strawberries, and mint.

JK Place 

Strada Provinciale Marina Grande, 225 – Capri

JK Place, Capri

The JK Place in Capri overlooks Marina Grande di Capri, with a refined and elegant style that recalls the historical contamination between English imperialism and French colonialism. We are in one of the most exclusive places on the island and the rooms are furnished with skill and refinement. Here the chef Salvatore Iannone puts on the table unique dishes, elegantly executed without ever neglecting the recognizability of flavors. The great raw seafood served with a splash of “Oro di Sorrento” (Lemon of Sorrento IGP) and a drizzle of strictly local Evo oil, is a triumph of freshness and flavors. Baked zucchini flower stuffed with buffalo ricotta, basil and candied cherry tomatoes, is another dish with a full flavor, reminiscent of ancient flavors. Another dish to remember is “Incontri di mare”, risotto with mussels, clams, octopus, squid and raw Mazara prawns, because this is where the chef embodies the simplicity of flavors in the elegance of the technique.

Le Monzù 

Via Tragara, 57 – Capri

Le Monzù Ristorante Capri

In ancient times the name “Monzù” was reserved for professional chefs of the Kingdom of Naples and represented – in a certain sense – the meeting point between French and Neapolitan cuisine. Today it is the remainder of the sign of this contemporary-style restaurant dominated by the beautiful terrace, where chef Luigi Lionetti offers contemporary cuisine. The journey through the flavors can start from the Bon Bon of prawns, Nocellara olive soup, almond and candied lemon. Fettuccelle with mussels, green peppers and bottarga and lemon risotto with scampi, burrata, seaweed and capers, are two dishes between flavor and acidity. The Milanese of amberjack, citrus and escarole is also noteworthy while, for meat lovers, there is both the Rotolino di rabbit, celeriac and chard, as well as lamb, Jerusalem artichoke and garlic. Among the desserts, the “Nido”, a dessert made with mango, passion fruit and cream of fresh cheese, served in a real nest in the shape of an egg. Two tasting menus and an extensive wine list.


Via Madre Serafina, 6 – Capri

Mammà Restaurant, Capri

The restaurant is located a stone’s throw from the small square of Capri, in the historic center and in one of the most beautiful locations on the island overlooking the Gulf of Naples. Here the chef Salvatore La Ragione chooses the best raw materials to make his territorial dishes declined in a modern key. Exceptional raw materials, fresh and from the territory. Chef Esposito has brought his unique cooking style to Capri made up of traditional local dishes and fish from the Gulf of Naples. The restaurant is stocked every day with the catch of the best fishermen of Capri and with the seasonal products of the farmers of Anacapri. This is demonstrated by the cuttlefish tagliatella with spring vegetable salad and octopus, cherry tomatoes and roasted artichokes. To follow, potato gnocchi stuffed with ricotta with basil and seafood, mixed pasta soup with shellfish and rock fish. The second courses served are cod au gratin with cauliflower and oyster sauce, roast suckling pig with apple puree and green chillies. Finally, the dessert is a “cassata”, rum and almonds with chocolate ice cream. The wine list presents the excellence of the Campania region, without neglecting the best Italian and French wines.

Ziqù Terrace 

strada provinciale Marina Grande, 191- Capri

Ziqù Terrace Restaurant, Capri

“Ziqù”, the restaurant of the Villa Marina hotel, has refined and modern spaces, embellished with a terrace overlooking the sea. The chef is Manuele Cattaruzza, author of a cuisine capable of creating dishes of great intensity in flavors. In his dishes you can find the seasonality of the ingredients, both in land and sea products, and a lot of creativity. This is demonstrated by the grilled octopus, the couscous of roasted peppers and smoked bacon and the roasted scallops on chopped cherry tomatoes and olives. Also recommended are the Spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli pepper with scampi and almond crumble; but there is also a great classic such as Macaroni with sausage with meat sauce. Also try the grilled scampi in sauce and crispy chips. On the menu there are also meat courses, tasting courses of three, five and seven courses. The pairings with the wines offered by the sommelier are of great level.

Rendez Vous

Via Camerelle, 2 – Capri

Ristorante Rendez-vous, Capri

Restaurant of the Grand Hotel Quisisana, the “Rendez-Vous” is the meeting between the cuisine of excellence and the luxurious elegance of the Grand Hotel. Refined environments in which every detail, from the lighting to the boiserie, has been taken care of to offer welcoming and reserved atmospheres. The gastronomic proposals of the “Rendez-Vous” restaurant range from the classic Italian tradition of Mediterranean recipes to international cuisine. Tradition and creativity able to satisfy the most demanding tastes.The restaurant is the gourmet laboratory of chef Stefano Mazzone who creates simple dishes, but of a unique goodness, such as Paccheri with Neapolitan ragù or Linguine with Senise pepper and ricotta cheese. Then continue with a candied cod soup with lemon, seafood and shellfish. A real enhancement of the ingredients in the dish can also be found in the Mediterranean lobster carpaccio, with tomato balls and fried aubergines. The selected wine list, which boasts over 500 labels among the most renowned in the world, guarantees combinations capable of enhancing delicious flavors.

Il Verginiello 

Via Lo Palazzo 25/a – Capri

Il Verginiello, Capri

Located a few meters from the square of Capri, the “Verginiello” Restaurant Pizzeria welcomes its guests in a familiar and characteristic environment. Here numerous dishes of the typical Capri and Mediterranean cuisine are offered, starting from the specialties of fresh fish and seafood up to local vegetables, fresh and genuine meats, and desserts. A proposal made with high-quality raw materials and following a cooking philosophy based on the great classics of seafood and pizza, homemade stuffed pasta, and daily arrivals of fresh fish. Among the unmissable dishes, in addition to the great fresh seafood appetizer, we have the linguine monkfish and “friggitelli”, as well as the cuttlefish ink ravioli with mussels and potatoes, or the stuffed squid. All this is accompanied by an extensive wine list, which includes regional and national proposals selected for their quality and for the ability to enhance each flavor in a unique way. The customer care, the knowledge of the raw materials, all very fresh, the enhancement of the Campania tradition, and Capri in particular, the seasonality of the products, the vast offer, and an excellent relationship between quality and price are the strengths of the restaurant.

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