12 Best Things to Do in Viterbo, Italy

Viterbo, Italy

Viterbo has the largest medieval historic center in Europe: churches, cloisters, towers, stone houses, fountains, and wonderful medieval quarters are kept within the massive walls and towers that once protected the city. Founded by the Etruscans, Viterbo was a rich and powerful city. Between 1200 and 1300 it became the favorite seat of many popes … Read more

17 Best Things to Do in Lucca, Italy

Things to do in Lucca, Italy

Lucca is an ideal destination for a holiday full of taste, traditions, and history. The city is located in Tuscany and is known particularly for the wide tree-lined promenades on top of the 16th and 17th-century ramparts surrounding the historic center and its beautiful churches. Lucca is a destination capable of offering delicious local gastronomy … Read more

14 Best Things to Do in Viareggio, Italy

Viareggio, Tuscany, Italy

Viareggio, a city located between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the white peaks of the marble mountains, is Italy’s most famous seaside resort. Furthermore, the peculiarity of the center of Viareggio is that it is entirely pedestrian. It is a charming city with Art Nouveau buildings and an elegant and refined environment, reminiscent of Italy in … Read more

10 Best Things to Do in Grottaminarda, Italy

Grottaminarda, Italy

Grottaminarda is a small town in the Province of Avellino, in Italy, with a population of about 8,000 inhabitants. Being inland, Grottaminarda is characterized by a temperate climate in which mild summers alternate with cold winters. The municipal territory is included in the seismic district of Irpinia. The town was in fact, heavily damaged by … Read more

11 Best Things to Do in Vieste, Italy

Things to do in Vieste Italy

Vieste is a little town located on the eastern tip of the Gargano promontory, in Puglia. Its historic center is rich in culture and history. Old Vieste stands on a rocky spur overlooking the sea and extends from the castle beach to the beach of “Marina Piccola”, crossing the thin strip of land called “Punta … Read more

10 Best Things to Do in Brindisi, Italy

Things to do in Brindisi Italy

Brindisi is one of the most beautiful cities in Puglia, rich in history, culture, and beauty, and one of the most evocative natural ports in the Mediterranean Sea. Brindisi is a modern city that also hides medieval views and ruins of ancient Rome. The city can be reached not only by car but also by … Read more

15 Best Things to Do in Arezzo, Italy

Things to do in Arezzo, Italy

Arezzo is a city in Tuscany rich in monuments, parks, archaeological remains, churches, and historic squares. A real city of art which, however, having to compete with nearby and famous cities such as Siena and Florence, sometimes remains off the beaten track.   The city is located on a hill and offers a magnificent view … Read more

14 Best Things to Do in Savona, Italy

Savona, Italy

Savona is the third-largest city in Liguria by population, after Genoa and La Spezia and it is an ancient city and rich in history. Furthermore, the city is an important reference point for ferries and cruises. Things to Do in Savona Savona City Centre Savona is a city that can be easily explored on foot … Read more

13 Best Things to Do in Crema, Italy

Things to Do in Crema, italy

Crema is a small town of 35,000 inhabitants located in the lower Po Valley, with a small but treasured historic center, where you can eat very well and can be easily reached by train. Crema has very ancient origins. According to tradition, the foundation of the city dates back to the 15th of August 570, … Read more

14 Best Things to Do in Taranto

Taranto, Italy-Things to Do

The city of Taranto holds real treasures, rich as it is in historical and cultural attractions. Far from the mass tourism of the most famous destinations of Puglia, Taranto is known as the city of the two seas, for its geographical position straddling the Mar Grande (Great Sea) and Mar Piccolo (Little Sea). Best things … Read more

19 Best Things to Do in Val Camonica

Val Camonica, Italy

Val Camonica is a valley in Lombardy, one of the largest in the central Alps, almost 100 km long. The valley has always been synonymous with culture, art, and history. In addition to the archaeological heritage of the Roman period, the beautifully frescoed churches, the numerous medieval towns and castles, and the interesting museums, Val … Read more

15 Best Things to Do in Udine, Italy

Things to do in Udine, Italy

Udine is an important city in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. It is dominated by the hill on which the ancient castle stands, now home to the civic museums. Udine is also the city of the famous painter Tiepolo: to admire his works of art; it is essential to visit the Galleries of the Patriarchal … Read more

14 Best Things to Do in Bari, Italy

Things to do in Bari, Italy

Bari, the capital of Puglia, is characterized by a Mediterranean climate and is worth a visit for its good food and the many monuments to see. It doesn’t take much time to visit Bari. Just one day is enough. The visit to the city can start from the seafront, one of the most beautiful in … Read more

14 Best Things to Do in Salerno, Italy

Salerno, Italy

Known for a long time only as a gateway to the Amalfi Coast, Salerno has had an impressive tourist growth in recent years. It has a magnificent cathedral and a practically intact medieval old town, a panoramic promenade and extraordinary cuisine. Furthermore, the city was the seat of the first and most important medical school … Read more

13 Best Things to do in Bolzano, Italy

Things to do in Bolzano Italy

Bolzano, the capital of South Tyrol, is a city with an orderly and quiet atmosphere. Bolzano develops in a valley at the confluence of the Isarco, Adige, and Talvera rivers. All around the Dolomite peaks of Sciliar and Catinaccio which, by limiting the flow of currents from the cold area, favor the emergence of a … Read more

14 Best Things to Do in Parma, Italy

Things to do in Parma, Italy

Parma is a city full of monuments, beautiful churches, interesting museums, and cuisine that you must try at least once in your life. Parma is located in the northwestern area of Emilia Romagna, in a central position between the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and the Po Valley. This particular position makes it an easily accessible tourist destination … Read more

18 Best Things to do in Catania, Italy

Catania, Italy

Destroyed 9 times by earthquakes, eruptions, invasions, Catania has been rebuilt 9 times more beautiful than before. The city we see now is the one of the last reconstruction, in 1693, in the Baroque style, a style in which almost all the noble palaces and city churches were rebuilt: an architectural complex of exceptional value … Read more

12 Best Things to Do in Perugia, Italy

Perugia, Italy

Perugia is a small jewel that still retains the aspect and rhythm of life of a fortified medieval town. The Umbrian town also holds notable artistic and monumental treasures. Perugia is located in the heart of central Italy, on an acropolis set in the middle of the magnificent landscape of Umbria. In 2 and 3 … Read more

11 Best Things to Do in San Marino

Mount Titano, San Marino

The Republic of San Marino is located about forty minutes by road from Rimini, so it is possible to combine a visit to this splendid medieval town with a beach holiday at the nearby Adriatic coast. The capital of the tiny State is perfect for a weekend or day trip. The State of San Marino … Read more

16 Best Things to Do in Modena, Italy

Modena, Italy

Modena is located in the heart of Emilia Romagna and is a small city full of charm, perfect for a visit of a few days. You can relive the ancient history of the city by walking among the monuments of the historic center, legacy of the important past of the city that was the capital … Read more

13 Best Things to Do in Siena, Italy

Things to do in Siena, Italy

Siena is one of the most loved and visited cities in Tuscany, a place rich in history and art, but also with strong traditions, mainly linked to its districts (“Contrada”) and the famous Palio di Siena. What makes Siena so fascinating and loved is the fact that it has remained intact as in the Middle … Read more

14 Best Things to Do in Rimini, Italy

Rimini, Italy

Rimini is synonymous with sea, summer, and fun. But the city is also able to satisfy the traveler in search of art, monuments, and historical testimonies. The foundation of Rimini dates back to 268 BC. by the Romans, with the name of “Ariminum”. More than 2000 years of history, therefore, in a city that has … Read more

12 Best Things to Do Padua, Italy

things to do in Padua

Padua is a city rich in art, culture, history, and gastronomy. Also known as the city of the Saint, Padua can be visited in any weather and in any season, as it boasts twelve kilometers of arcades under which you can walk when it rains. Things to do in Padua Scrovegni Chapel The itinerary to … Read more

14 Best Things to Do in Ancona, Italy

Things to Do in Ancona, italy

The city of Ancona is located along the northern area of the Conero Promontory, in the Marche region, in an elevated and panoramic position overlooking the sea. Ancona is a city with over 2400 years of history and has a lot to offer: art and architecture, ancient churches, panoramas, green parks, and excellent cuisine. Founded … Read more

11 Best Things to Do in Molise

Things to Do in Molise, Italy

Molise is a region rich in history and natural beauty, with traditions of ancient origin. Its territory is equally divided between mountains and hills: crossed entirely by the Apennine mountains, the terrain then slopes down, with wide hills, towards the plain up to the sea. Molise is a land still uncontaminated and inhabited by a … Read more

13 Best Things to Do in Cagliari, Italy

Things to Do in Cagliari, Italy

Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, was founded by the Phoenicians, colonized by the Carthaginians, occupied by the Romans, disputed by Pisans and Spaniards, ruled for a long time by the Piedmontese. For this reason, it boasts a very long history and a melting pot of millenary traditions. Things to do in Cagliari Cagliari’s historic Castello … Read more

12 Best Things to Do in Aosta Valley, Italy

Things to do in Aosta Valley, Italy

Aosta has an ancient history that you can relive by admiring the Roman and medieval remains of the historic center. The history of Aosta is linked to that of Rome starting from the name: Augusta Praetoria, founded after the victory of the Romans over the Salassi people in 25 BC The foundation of the colony … Read more

14 Things to Do in Bologna, Italy

Things to do in Bologna

Bologna “la Dotta” (the Learned), “la Rossa” (the Red), “la Grassa” (the Fat): this is how the capital of Emilia Romagna is defined. Bologna the Learned for the presence of one of the oldest universities in Italy, still a very active cultural center today. Bologna the Red for the color that the roofs and houses … Read more

14 Things to Do in Palermo, Italy

Things to do in Palermo, Italy

Ancient and multi-ethnic, capital of one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, the city of Palermo has always been linked to the sea. Conquered and inhabited for centuries by different peoples, Palermo has been able to enrich its culture in particular with Arab and Norman influences that are still reflected today on its traditions … Read more

13 Things to do in Portofino, Italy

ings to do in Portofino, Italy

A picturesque fishing town, Portofino is a splendid location in Liguria that offers numerous attractions, in addition to entertainment, in order to satisfy every kind of tourist. Not only that: it also presents numerous sites of historical and archaeological interest. If you are a lover of cultural travel, Portofino is, therefore, the right destination for … Read more

14 Best Things to Do in Brescia, Italy

Things to do in Brescia, Italy

In Brescia, there is much to see and do for those who love art, nature, and good food. The historic center of the city is small and collected, full of cobbled streets and beautiful views. Because all the main things to see are located a short distance from each other, you can visit everything on … Read more

14 Things to Do in Trieste, Italy

Things to do in Treste

Trieste is the capital of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, in the north-east of Italy. The seaside city, it occupies a thin strip of land between the Adriatic and the Slovenian border, along the Karst plateau. Italian, Austro-Hungarian and Slovenian influences are evident throughout the city, which includes a medieval old town and a neoclassical … Read more

15 Best Things to Do in Bergamo, Italy

Things to do in Bergamo, Italy

Bergamo offers many historical and artistic beauties, far from the smog and stress of large cities. It is also well connected with the rest of the world thanks to the nearby Orio al Serio airport, one of the most important international airports in Italy. The city is divided between Bergamo Alta (Upper Bergamo: the oldest … Read more

14 Best Things to Do in Chianti Region, Italy

Things to do in Chianti, Italy

Chianti is certainly one of the most beautiful and famous areas in all Tuscany. It is located in the center of Tuscany, among the provinces of Florence, Siena, and Arezzo. The territory is a succession of rolling hills, characteristic villages, ancient fortresses, churches, and country houses. Living the Chianti means immersing yourself in this evocative … Read more

The 9 Best Things to Do in Genoa, Italy

Things to Do in Genoa, Italy

Genoa is a city grown between the sea on one side and the mountains on the other and, precisely because of the confirmation of its coast, it has developed in a narrow and long way. The charm of this city between the mountains and the sea, a crossroads of different peoples and cultures, has struck … Read more

The 16 Best Things to Do in Milan, Italy

Things to Do in Milan, Italy

When you think of Milan, the first thing that comes to mind is the capital of fashion and shopping. The city is also famous for being the economic capital of Italy. But there is also a Milan made of art and culture, full of art treasures to discover and events not to be missed. In … Read more

14 Best Things to Do in Capri, Italy

Capri Island, Italy

Due to its proximity to both Naples and Sorrento, Capri is an ideal destination for a one-day holiday or as a destination for a unique and unforgettable journey. From the famous Faraglioni to the Blue Grotto, from the Piazzetta to the villa of Emperor Tiberius, you will discover how to best savor the beauty of … Read more

11 Best Things to Do in Verona, Italy

Things to do in Verona, Italy

Verona is a charming city with a unique historic center, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco for its architecture and urban structure, for its bridges over the Adige river, the wonderful palaces, and squares, the spectacular Arena. Without forgetting the romantic story of Romeo and Juliet. The city offers a rich choice of museums, … Read more

13 Best Things to Do in Sorrento

Marina Grande

Praised by poets, celebrated in songs, immortalized in paintings, Sorrento is known all over the world and is one of the favorite destinations of international tourism. The city fascinates with its generous nature and amazing landscapes on one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in the world. There are numerous churches and historic buildings, … Read more

19 Best Things to Do in Rome

Things to Do in Rome, Italy

Rome is the perfect place to spend a 2-3 day weekend, mainly because the city can be easily visited on foot. Visiting Rome means immersing yourself in a city of eternal charm and a thousand facets. The capital of Italy is in fact a city with more than two millennia of history, rich of art … Read more

The 12 Best Things to Do in Turin, Italy

Turin Cathedral

Among the many beautiful Italian cities, Turin certainly deserves a special place for its artistic and architectural beauties and for the important history that reigns in its large squares, in the streets of the center, in its churches and its museums. Turin was in fact the ancient capital of the Savoy Kingdom, as well as … Read more

15 Best Things to do in Tuscany, Italy

Things to Do in Tuscany

Tuscany is certainly among the most beautiful regions in Italy. it is appreciated for its cities of art, small villages, hills covered with vineyards, villas located at the end of paths lined with cypresses. Thanks to the unforgettable landscapes, excellent wine, and typical food, Tuscany is visited every year by millions of people from all … Read more

The 11 Best Things to Do in Pisa, Italy

Things to Do in Pisa, Italy

Pisa has a thousand-year history, but it was certainly at the time of the Maritime Republics (13th-15th centuries) that the city reached the peak of its power. This period of great splendor is testified by its artistic treasures, such as churches, bridges, and noble palaces with magnificently frescoed interiors. It is advisable not to use … Read more

The 9 Best Things to Do in Lake Como, Italy

Things to Do in Lake Como, Italy

An interesting destination in Italy is Lake Como and the wonders along its shores. The lake offers its visitors fishing villages, magnificent villas full of history, breathtaking landscapes, suggestive corners where to renew love promises but also unique weather conditions that allow the practice of a multitude of water sports. For centuries, Lake Como has … Read more

8 Best Things to Do in Amalfi Coast, Italy

Amalfi coast, Italy

Amalfi Coast is a natural paradise. Its position makes it similar to a balcony suspended halfway over the blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the blue sky. An enchanted place, recognized by UNESCO as a “World Heritage Site” since 1997. Amalfi Coast is known for being the land of lemons, wonderful beaches, and the … Read more

11 Best Things to Do in Naples, Italy


Naples is a beautiful city overlooking the sea, unique in its kind, capable of surprising any tourist with its charm and its identity unchanged over time. Naples is a city full of beauties, stories, landscapes, attractions, wonders, and contradictions. Await you ancient squares, more than 200 churches, frescoes, museums among the most important in the … Read more

13 Best Things to Do in Florence

Things to Do in Florence, Italy

Known as “the cradle of the Renaissance”, Florence is a real open-air museum. Thanks to its many museums, churches, monuments, and historic buildings, it is the ideal city to spend a holiday full of culture and beauty. Best things to do in Florence: 1. Florence Cathedral ( Duomo Di Firenze) The visit to the city … Read more

10 Best Things to Do in Venice, Italy

hings to Do in Venice, Italy

Venice seduces all those who visit it and is capable of transmitting great emotions at any time of the year. Canals, gondolas, bridges, calli, ancient buildings, and masks are the keywords of Venice, a city of traditions, stories, and legends. The city is one of the favorite destinations of tourists from all over the world, … Read more

11 Best Things to Do in Lake Garda

things to do in Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Garda is the largest Italian lake with an area of 370 square km: in any direction, your gaze is turned, you cannot grasp its boundaries. Indeed, Lake Garda bathes three Italian regions: Lombardy, Veneto, and Trentino-Alto-Adige, offering an extraordinary variety of landscapes. Here there are places rich in history and culture, beautifully equipped beaches, … Read more